September 7, 2020

Pump & Run 5K

The Pump & Run offers a unique twist to our race. Runners are able to reduce their time by lifting weight based on a percentage of their body weight and age. Runners are allowed to lift up to 30 reps, knocking 30 seconds off for each rep. 

5K run

Not interested in lifting? No problem... Register for the Labor Day 5K run. No lifting required. 


Awards will be given to the top overall 3 Male/Female in the Pump & Run and the 5K run. 

Awards will be given to the top 3 Male/Female in each age group. 

(Awards will not be doubled)

Bench Press Weight by Body Weight and age group:

Age        Men      Women

16-under  70%    50%

17-29      90%     70%

30-39      85%     65%

40-49     80%      60%

50-59     75%      55%

60 and over 70%   50% 

2019 race results

Pump, 5k, and Totals (pdf)